SOL Kunstklub

SOL kunstklub is a series of creative workshops for children. SOL invites artists and cultural actors from various disciplines, to develop and carry out the workshops in collaboration with them.

Various modes of expression are introduced to the children such as embroidery, sewing, hut building, monotype, electronic music, dance, mask building and papermaking. We use environmentally friendly and primarily recycled materials.

SOL kunstklub wants to support and motivate today’s generation of children in their awareness of climate change, biodiversity and sustainability. Each course has a theme linked to local nature or the current season. The children meet up close with an artist who practices a specific discipline, and thereby get an introduction to diverse techniques and perspectives in a playful way.

In the workshops, the focus is on the children working with their hands and all their senses, experimenting, creating something new with simple means and using their imagination, to surprise themselves with what they can do.

SOL Kunstklub is supported by Samsø Municipality’s Fund for Cultural Activities.