Agerupgård is a quietly located former farm built in 1911, surrounded by large old trees, an atmospheric garden and a small forest. The place is run by Hannah Giese and Johann Kauth, who live here since 2022 with their son Bo Ejler (*2021). We moved to Samsø in 2020 from Antwerp, Belgium.

Agerupgård welcomes local and international guests to meet and exchange ideas, skills and knowledge, especially in the fields of visual arts, sound and gardening. The spacious, partially renovated old barn, a project space in the main house and the garden provide room for artistic production, presentation and discussion. During residency programs artists here can focus and undertake research, develop and produce new works in the farm’s printmaking and sound studios. Next to visiting artists, Agerupgård hosts a range of activities throughout the year; an art club for children, an open printmaking atelier, workshops, seminars and events such as exhibitions, concerts and performances.

Our guest house and holiday apartment hold a total of 7 bedrooms, offering accommodation for up to 14 persons. We host long and short stays, weekend seminars and run a B&B offering organic breakfast.

The purchase of Agerupgård was made possible thanks to a generous gift from Dorothee Ehrensberger (1925-2013), a neighbor of Hannah’s family in Traunstein, Germany. Ehrensberger was a radio maker, curator and ambassador of the yearly chamber music festival Traunsteiner Sommerkonzerte, which the Giese family helped her organize over 30 years. The family recieved a piece of land by Dorothee, and she thereby granted not only the financial backbone, but also conveyed the value of providing space for cultural exchange between locals and internationals, which goes along with our vision for Agerupgård.

We would like to especially thank the Giese family, who in a joint effort helped us realize our dream. Secondly we are greatly thankful to the previous owners Cecilia and Frits Andersen with Ninna, Siri and Carl, for choosing us as the new caretakers of Agerupgård. The activities on the farm are possible thanks to the great help by our families, many local and international friends, volunteers, colleagues, public and private funds.