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Agerupgård houses residencies, where artists can use the farm’s sound studio and printmaking workshop. We work both with open calls and programs where artists get invited. Sign up to our newsletter for updates about upcoming open calls.

TERRAFORM is a residency program where a group of selected artists stay on Samsø for a dedicated period of time to experiment, develop and produce new works in interaction with the island’s resources and the local community.

TERRAFORM wants to convey and support a forward-thinking artistic practice that takes place across disciplines, which is both sustainable and promotes community. In close collaboration with other cultural actors and institutions, the project creates a unique framework, in which work can be done in solidarity and art produced locally with available materials, methods and techniques.


TERRAFORM – IN KNUD VIKTOR’S SOUND TRACK was a residency program in connection with the exhibition PUT YOUR EARS TO THE GROUND – Sound painter Knud Viktor on Samsø, where a group of contemporary artists participated in a joint work stay at Agerupgård, Samsø and in Bang & Olufsen’s former sound studios at Sound Art Lab, Struer. The four invited artists worked over three weeks with Knud Viktor’s oeuvre and method, as a starting point for their contemporary practice.

Participating artists:
Melissa Van Drie (FR)
is a researcher, performer and writer from France who works with how sound, hearing and listening are important aspects of world-making: how different humans and non-humans use sound to sense and understand their respective environments.

Nanna Elvin Hansen (DK)
is an artist and filmmaker based in Copenhagen, whose practice often focuses on issues related to feminism and migration politics. She often investigates these questions through a collective and collaborative process of film, video and sound production.

Sarah Sikorie(NO)
is an artist from Oslo who works with sculpture and installation, with a particular interest in the processual formation of our kinship and coexistence with other species. Her works are based on site-specific interactions.

Lieven Martens (BE)
is an artist from Antwerp, Belgium. He creates conceptual music that hovers between field recordings, ambient, musique concrète and modern composition. He investigates the “sound of islands”, where he has been inspired by islands around the world such as Hawaiʻi, La Reunion and the Azores.

Terraform 2023 received support from Statens Kunstfond, Sonning-Fonden and Art Music Denmark.



Eight international artists have throughout 2021 had the opportunity to live and work on the island for two weeks. They have explored and worked with the island’s resources to experiment, produce and develop new works and publications. A special focus has been put on serial works and multiples, artworks that are produced in several copies and thus can be easily distributed.

In their meeting with the island, technology has served them as a sensory tool, as the artists have used instruments such as metal detectors, surveillance cameras, microphones, scanners and photographic exposure to highlight and document a number of elements specific to the life and nature on Samsø. The results range from original artworks, texts, video and audio recordings to multiples made of different materials such as screen prints, wine, ceramic sculptures and more.

Participating artists: Ada van Hoorebeke (BE), Alexander Holm (DK), Christopher L. Shields (US/IR), Eeva Rönkä (FIN), Gijs Deddens (NL), Jani A. Purhonen (FIN), Wilfred Wagner (DK), Zoë C. Miller (US)

Terraform 2021 received support from Statens Kunstfond and Samsø Municipality.

See a video about TERRAFORM 2021 here:

Overview of all artists in residence:

Maria Michailidou, Ulla Eriksen, Jenny Gräf Sheppard, Anja Mauruschat, Ada van Hoorebeke

TERRAFORM: Melissa Van Drie (FR), Nanna Elvin Hansen (DK), Sarah Sikorie (NO), Lieven Martens (BE)

Amr Hatem (SY) – residency offered in collaboartion with Aarhus Billedkunstcenter
Ernst Markus Stein (DE)

Zoe Dittrich-Wamser (DE), Pia Litzenberger (DE), Dieter Durinck (BE), Bram van Meervelde (BE)

TERRAFORM: Ada van Hoorebeke (BE), Alexander Holm (DK), Christopher L. Shield (US/IR), Eeva Rönkä (FIN), Gijs Deddens (NL), Jani A. Purhonen (FIN), Wilfred Wagner (DK), Zoë C. Miller (US)

Aarhus Billedkunstcenter
Samsø Kommunes Billedkunstråd
Sound Art Lab, Struer
Reception Desk, København
Zenith Art Paper, Samsø