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Living room concert: Unchained (us/fr), C.D. Noé (de) + dinner
01.02.2024, 6pm

We invite you to a warming living room concert, with solo guitar from Grenoble, electronics from Berlin and a 2-course menu prepared by Emil & Laura. Before the music there is served wild rabbit from Vejrø in tomato (or a vegetarian option), with greens from Samsø and berry porridge with cream, tea and coffee for dessert.

18:00 doors open
18:30 dinner
20:00 concert

Unchained is Nate Davis, native of Providence (USA) now living in France. With roots in the early 2000s East Coast underground, Unchained brings pulsing melodic guitar compositions, with or without electronic accompaniment.

C. D. Noé (de)
Dreamy electronic pieces, presented by Dominik Noé from the german capital.

Christmas market and family workshop
17.12.2023, 12-17h

For the second time, Agerupgård is holding a Christmas market, where various local artists and food producers offer their goods. Parallel to the market, there is an open workshop for the whole family in the farm’s graphic studio, where woodcuts and paper cutouts can be made.

Screen Printing Seminar
4.-8.12.2023, 9-14h

Learn how to make your own screen prints on paper or textile. You will be trained in the technique from scratch. Feel free to bring your own motifs and media for printing.

Price: DKK 1.500 + materials
Max. number of participants: 5
Sign up via

With optional accommodation and breakfast.

The seminar takes place in our printmaking workshop.

03.11.2023, 19-00h

An evening of audiovisual experiments in connection with LYS I MØRKET and SPIL SAMSK. FLEXTETTEN and FOLK PÅ SAMSØ play a house concert accompanied by live video art, produced on equipment from the heydays of tube TV.

FLEXTETTEN is a small jazz band that has existed on Samsø for over 30 years with a different line-up, playing classic jazz ballads, a little bossa and small Danish PH songs. FLEXTETTEN is Carl Christian on bass, Inge Kolind on piano, Sysser Thofte on drums and Lise Lotte Flæng on vocals.

FOLK PÅ SAMSØ is a music collective that started meeting last winter for improvised sessions in changing locations. The collective’s motto is “if you don’t know what to play, play as softly as you can and listen”. Musicians tonight: Niels Brandbyge, Brian Marx Gibson, Jonas Nakel, Mark Holm, Frederik Langkilde and Johann Kauth.

For all those who like to dance, there is an afterparty until midnight with DJ LATE WILLIAMS.

Find tickets here.

Knud Viktor – ‘Le Jardin Planétaire’

Knud Viktor (1924-2013) grew up in Pillemark on Samsø, but ended up living and working most of his life in southern France. He was trained as a painter from the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, where his early practice included painting and printmaking. In the 1960s he replaced canvas and brushes with magnetic tape and microphones, and has since become known internationally as a ‘sound painter’.

Now his sound works return to Samsø, where they meet his earliest – and yet unknown – paintings from his youth, when Samsø Municipality’s Art Council presents the exhibition and cultural program ‘LÆG ØRET TIL JORDEN’ (PUT YOUR EARS TO THE GROUND).

See more info about the exhibition and events here.

At Agerupgård you can during the exhibition period experience the sound installation Le Jardin Planétaire, in the old horse stable right next to the road. Follow the signs for parking and entrance to the installation.

SOL Kunstklub – summer program
July-August 2023

SOL is a series of artistic workshops for children and young people. Different ways of expression are introduced to the children, where the focus is on working with your hands and using all the senses, experimenting, creating something new with simple means and using the imagination to surprise oneself.

3. July, kl. 12-16 – Sound painting
10. July, kl. 10–14 – Kite building
11. July, kl. 12-16 – Sound painting
22. July, kl. 12-18 – SOL kunstfest
25. July, kl. 11-14 – Music production w. Jonas Nakel
8. August, kl. 12-16 – Sound painting

Go here for more info.

TERRAFORM – In Knud Viktor’s Sound Tracks
05.08.2023, 18h

Knud Viktor: IMAGE IX – L’ARMOIRE quadrophonic concert Les Bulles / Aquarelle short films + introduction by Jan Stricker (Institut for Dansk Lydarkæologi) + TERRAFORM – In Knud Viktor’s Sound Tracks – premieres + Jonas Olesen DJ set and book presentation + Knud Viktor short films

This evening, Knud Viktor’s quadrophonic work Image IX and short films go into dialogue with premieres of new sound works by four contemporary artists, created in the framework of the residency program TERRAFORM – I Knud Viktors Lydspor at Agerupgård and in Bang & Olufsen’s former sound studios at Sound Art Lab, Struer. The invited artists worked over three weeks with Knud Viktor’s oeuvre and method, as a starting point for their own contemporary practice.

Participating artists:
is a researcher, performer and writer from France who works with how sound, hearing and listening are important aspects of world-making: how different humans and non-humans use sound to sense and understand their respective environments.

is an artist and filmmaker based in Copenhagen, whose practice often focuses on issues related to feminism and migration politics. She examines these questions, among other methods, through a collective and collaborative process of film, video and sound production.

works with sculpture, installation and drawing. Her works function as platforms for nuance and the development of a meaningful coexistence with other species. She often uses the different processes of the seasons as a starting point and method. She also works site-specific and examines species in her immediate surroundings.

is a composer and observer who creates conceptual music that hovers between field recordings, ambient, musique concrète and modern composition. He investigates the “sound of islands”, where he has been inspired by the rhythm of archipelagos.

Jonas Olesen presents his book Pioneers & Outsiders – Danish electronic music 1928-1980 and plays musical examples, with a particular focus on Danish electronic composers who have used nature and animal sounds. Hear e.g. works by the two field recording pioneers Carl Weismann and Johan Dalgas Frisch who created music of bird song and dog barking, Knud Viktor and many others. Read more about the book here.
Jonas Olesen is an electronic composer and sound artist. He runs the record company BIN and is active in the association Institut for Dansk Lydarkæologi.

Finally, Knud Viktor’s short films Les Bulles and Aquarelle will be projected onto the gable of the house.

Free entry

TERRAFORM – In Knud Viktor’s Sound Tracks is supported by Statens Kunstfond, Sonning-Fonden and Art Music Denmark.

INSULA presents: Guiding Star Orchestra + Ras Money
24.06.2023, 19h

We look forward to welcoming GUIDING STAR ORCHESTRA and RAS MONEY a.k.a. RASKE PENGE, when music association Insula invites to a dub / reggae evening for full blast in the farm’s barn.

Guiding Star Orchestra is a collective of musicians from the Copenhagen area, including some well known danish jazz players, inspired by the spirit behind original roots reggae music. Guiding Star Orchestra performs with a group of 11 musicians who are passionate about a deep, meditative and at the same time extroverted vibration. After the concert Ras Money aka Raske Penge will spin records, until our legs are tired.

Guiding Star Orchestra consists of Oilly Wallace on sax, Morten McCoy on keyboard, Malthe Kaptain on trumpet, Zigge Kreutzmann on bass, Steve Borth on sax, Laurits Quist Bilén on trombone, Endurance on drums, Tobias Elof on guitar and ukulele, Jonas Yagoubi on percussion and Mikael “Flenseren” Flensborg on the dub controls.

Buy your ticket here

Inauguration of Knud Viktors sound installations
11.06.2023, 14h

Meeting place: Besser Udsigtstårn, Kærvej 26A, 14h
Come along for a bike ride to inaugurate three of artist Knud Viktor’s sound installations around Samsø. We meet at Besser Udsigtstårn and listen to Les Éphémères / Végétal. From there we cycle to Yduns Have, where we try to call earth in the telephone box work Allo La Terre. We end at Agerupgård, where we can experience the installation Le Jardin Planétaire and quench our thirst.
See more about the exhibition LÆG ØRET TIL JORDEN – Lydmaleren Knud Viktor på Samsø (PUT YOUR EAR TO THE GROUND – Sound Painter Knud Viktor on Samsø):
The sound installations have been realized with support from Friluftsrådet, Statens Kunstfond, Samsø Kommune, EL Salg Bissø, Savværket Samsø and Brattingsborg Gods.


With the exhibition series LAVTRYK Agerupgård introduces its new project and exhibition space. LAVTRYK consists of a series of exhibitions, artist talks and workshops centered around artists who work with publishing and printed matter in small editions. The exhibition accumulates new content every month, respectively with a focus on one of the participating artists or publishers.

We are open following sundays from 2-4PM:
26.2. – 5.3. – 12.3. – 19.3. – 26.3. – 9.4. – 16.4.

The exhibition is further open by appointment.

LAVTRYK is supported by Samsø Municipality’s funds for cultural activities and Neustart Kultur.


Salamander Editions, Samsø
Salamander Editions is a publishing house that releases original graphic prints and other art multiples, run by visual artist and printmaker Johann Kauth, based on Samsø. Works are published by artists who in their practice work across various media including painting, printmaking, drawing, collage, sculpture, installation, photography, film, video, sound, performance and digital art. All prints are original, meaning they only exist as prints and in limited editions. The printing process is seen as an opportunity for experimentation where action, reflection and reaction form a symbiosis to bring forth surprising results. The first works in the catalog are by Zena Van den Block, Dieter Durinck, Mario de Brabandere, Joppe Venema, Bram van Meervelde, Gijs Deddens and Johann Kauth.
Opening Sunday 2 April, 2PM
including phone conversations with featured artists

KBJ Publishing, Svendborg
The basis for Kristian B. Johansson’s artistic work is the publication of artist books, where emphasis is put on themes such as ownership and the origin of the multiplied material. Many of his books consist of found images where he makes use of visual sampling, editing and framing as artistic tools. Since a few years, he has set up a mobile printing shop with the Japanese riso technique, a stencil machine that can print with spot colors, comparable to Pantone offset but far more accessible. With his riso-mobile, Johansson drives to schools and other institutions around the country, where he gives workshops with locals that result in the publication of pamphlets and books.
Opening Saturday 4 March, 2PM
with a lecture by Kristian B. Johansson

Ernst Markus Stein, Berlin
Ernst Markus Stein is a visual artist, radio host and DJ, in recent years with a particular interest in redundant graphic copying techniques such as mimeography and thermofax. Stein makes GIF animations and digital drawings, which he brings into the real world by for example translating them into woven tapestries or mimeography prints. Radio is Stein’s second passion, as co-organizer of Cashmere Radio in Berlin and through numerous collaborations with festivals in Germany and abroad. In his radio program DIY Church, he has since 2010 made a sea of ​​broadcasts with interviews of countless artists and musicians. He will stay on the island for 2 weeks, creating site-specific graphic works and a radio program involving the local population.
Opening Sunday 19 February, 2PM
with DJ Parishkij Pumpkin from London